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Govt. High School 348 J.B, Maqboolpur is situated in Tehsil; Gojra, District; Toba Tek Singh. Our Teaching and non-teaching staff is Serving with their best Efforts. Our Teaching Faculty is Highly Qualified. There is Well Furnished A.C Computer Lab which is equipped with high profile computers as well as a Science Laboratory, E.C.E Room, Kids Room is also established for Students. Just come and see how we are Striving for Our Nation.
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Government High School 348 J.B, Gojra
Government High School 348 J.B, Gojra
Maqboolpur, Gojra, Toba Tek Singh. Gojra, Pakistan
Contacts:  03346819037, 03007989288, 03336532348

Principal Message

We Teach, Model, and Encourage a Love of Learning, Collaboration, and Compassion for Others.

Muhammad Azam

It Is The Responsibility Of Educational Institutions To Equip Their Students With Requisite Traits To Successfully Cope Up With Upcoming Challenges Of Personal And Professional Life.
The Challenges In Times Ahead Would Be Even Greater.Keeping Pace With The Rapidly Evolving Society Of Today Demands A Lot From An Individual.
At The Intellect We Recognize This Role and that’s why It’s Not Just Scholastic Achievement That Is Dear to Us. We Also Focus On ‘Character Building’ And ‘Tarbiyah’ Of Our Students. While We Assure You That We Will Do Our Best To Provide Your Children A Conducive Environment At School.
We Expect Parents To Ensure Supporting Environment At Home As Well.
Muhammad Azam Wahla,

 Dated: 26-04-2016
 It is warmly announced that the P.E.C EXAM, Prize Dist...